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What is seo and content optimization?

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Content optimization is increasingly becoming a top seo strategy for responsive design experts. Google focuses on context and semantics to determine search results, which means content that correlates to your brand will improve your ranking. Keywords can provide a starting point for a content strategy, but it’s the relationship between similar terms and words that improve seo – this is where a focus on content curation really helps. Because Google bases their ranking system on relevant content, the more content the better (provided it’s relevant) and contains keywords you’re looking to gain ranking in.

Google’s algorithm is based on competitive metrics, so your website isn’t ranked from 1-100, your site or content hub is ranked against every other online presence in google to find the best fit - #1 based on relevancy, usability, speed etc. It’s a competitive world and who wouldn’t want to be number 1?. After all, being at the top typically results in approx. 35% of the clicks, #2 receives about 10% and #3 earns approx. 3-4%… #4 - #10 the click volume incrementally declines, and after #10, rest assured you’re not receiving any clicks for that search query. You can expect the top 3 contenders are all competing to be number 1, so that’s where you’ll find web presences with the least amount of errors and provide the greatest amount of value to the user.

Ontario responsive web design company Melbourne Studios strongly recommends having a plan in place, as well as an understanding of which keywords you may want to research and explore further. Everything along the journey can change and evolve, but if you don’t have a well crafted plan in place and clearly defined objectives… if you don’t know where you’re going, then how do you expect to get there?. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can start by identifying who your competitors are, do your best to discover what key keywords they’re targeting, who’s #1, 2, 3 currently and if you’re unsure, just start googling.

The more research and development you’re able to accomplish before commencing the better and typically results in fewer changes down the road. How can a brand compete if it has no idea who it’s competing against or what it’s competing for. Being at the top of anything requires working hard, but also working smart. Plan to enjoy your journey because it takes longer to create a well-crafted meaningful sentence, than it does a poorly written paragraph.


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