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The team at web design, seo and marketing company Melbourne Studios is excited to be collaborating with Grace Bay Resorts, contributing to the launch of their latest Caribbean luxury real estate development Rock House Resort in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Renowned for hand-crafted excellence and the success of projects such as Grace Bay Club and West Bay Club, Grace Bay Resorts selected Melbourne Studios to develop a brand that is unique and timeless, raising the bar for luxury Turks and Caicos properties. Preview the Rock House Turks and Caicos mobile website design here: Rockhouse

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Strategy, Design & Branding

Marketing strategies need to be more sophisticated and content rich than ever before to satisfy today’s savvy customers who know what they want, and actively search for it. Our design team builds awesome brands, creates compelling content and markets digital solutions that engage online communities and steer consumers into action; whether a phone call, email subscribe, interaction, share, or make a purchase.

Email Marketing

We engage with new prospects and existing customers using state-of-the-art websites, search engine marketing, email, and social media channels. Our team can help build valuable relationships and generate exposure for your brand and business.

Search engine optimization - Seo

We combine digital marketing with proven creative strategies over search engine’s and social media channels. Our digital team can help your brand extend its reach using a variety of seo tactics, engagement campaigns and initiatives.

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