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Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing has been predicted to rise 25% over the next 5 years because market researchers believe that social media has the power to elevate business outcomes. The potential to boost traffic simply can’t be denied, so here’s some tips for your next social media marketing strategy to help you build a more engaged, highly educated online community.

Search engine optimization (Seo): A successful social media marketing campaign begins with keyword research and an objective of driving traffic to your website. Keywords are the foundation of great digital marketing strategies.

Identify: Identify the content that is working for your brand and amplify it as part of your content strategy. Use hashtags, @mentions and tags on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. Analyze your content to determine your most engaging content and best performing channels.

Evolve & Enhance: Continually change your content strategy based on analytics, opportunities and insight to increase the performance of your brands most engaging content.

Amplify: Boost your communications to specific custom audiences based on the data. Once you’ve identified the content that works best for your brand, amplify it.

Engage: The effectiveness of your content correlates with your engagement rate. Similar to TripAdvisor’s popularity index, Google’s algorithm takes into consideration how many people are talking about your brand over social media platforms. Take a look at who’s following your competition, if you’re offering the same or similar product or service, chances are your competitors followers may find your brand appealing.

Activate & Achieve: Increase your reach with brand advocates. The development of micro-influencers can add small but relevant followers to your growing social media community.

Analyze: Monitor, track and analyze performance to discover opportunities, gain useful insight to continually improve your brands reach, engagement and performance.

Ask: Collaboration is key so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some keywords drive more engagement than others, so ask questions that draw attention and encourage interaction.

Our team of highly-skilled creative social media marketing experts can help your brand discover new levels of success.

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