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Whether you’re engaging via social media marketing, mobile website, traditional or digital media, nothing could be more important than the customer experience. Your marketing can no longer speak in one direction, so in order to influence action and stay ahead of the competition, brands require relevant and powerful communications that influence and engage audiences on various levels and multiple platforms. We leverage innovative technology to nurture relationships within highly-educated digital communities. Led by seo specialist, tech expert and award-winning creative director Kevin Melbourne, this world-class marketing firm specializes in brand solutions that encompass social interaction and digital marketing, corporate strategy, logo design, brand development, reputation management, website design and search engine optimization (seo).


Our highly-skilled team of artists, designers, developers, advertising and marketing professionals have years of experience and an established relationship building process that works. Our integrated marketing systems help brands acquire higher levels of success by generating targeted leads and increase web traffic. We build sustainable online communities through increased engagement to provide higher conversion rates for our clients.

Creative thinking is a critical component to our approach. We communicate and work directly with our clients to provide a creative and comprehensive proposal and recommendation of services to accurately and effectively meet the objectives of companies large and small while greeting them at their level.


We nurture all of our relationships and closely follow each plan, constantly managing timing, budget, human resources as well as strategic business and creative directions to maximize effectiveness. Our team tracks, measures and analyzes data to continually improve performance, increase traffic, enhance brand awareness, drive leads and build sustainable communities online. We help brands establish new relationships and secure existing customers.



With over 20 years experience in the marketing industry, this social butterfly has worked closely with international clientele such as Dell, Xerox, Absolute Vodka, Grace Bay Resorts and the Turks and Caicos Tourist board. Billie-Jo manages Melbourne Studios' global accounts, digital, social media and content marketing strategies as well as the creative team across a number of platforms. Billie-Jo coordinates with PR, editorial, creative services, seo, content marketing and curation teams, as well as legal and production departments to support the company’s mission.

Billie-Jo is responsible for overseeing content marketing campaigns including research and development, campaign content curation and reputation management, as well monitoring and reporting. Billie-Jo is experienced with seo, content marketing best practices, and is a highly-skilled creative professional who is extremely knowledgeable about shifting market trends, PR and branding. Billie-Jo attends networking, educational and promotional events to remain on the forefront of the content marketing industry. Her positive nature, tremendous talent and influential attitude makes her a delight to associate and collaborate with.

Billie-Jo first made waves in the Turks and Caicos Islands managing a creative team of world-class designers and marketing specialists. Responsible for overseeing workflow and agency operations, Billie-Jo continues to manage client relations and corporate accounts at an executive level. Her contributions, efforts and expertise have contributed to establishing Melbourne Studios as a leader in content marketing, and one of the top real estate marketing firms in the Caribbean.



CEO at Melbourne Studios with extensive expertise, bringing a proven knowledge of creative strategy, vision and communication skills that demonstrate influence and business acumen. Kevin Melbourne is head of creative, leading strategic vision, new business development and client success initiatives. Leading and managing cross-platform design, marketing campaigns, corporate and social marketing strategies, advertising budgets, and accounts through Canada and the Caribbean.

Kevin has a proven track record of creating an abundance of success for a number of international clients, from the launch of the Harley Davidson F-150 for Ford to his marketing for Starbucks and app design for McDonald’s. Kevin’s passion for real estate has led towards creative, seo, marketing and web services for Grace Bay Resorts, Prestigious Properties, Mandalay and the Somerset to name a few. His array of expertise in ideation and strategy for real estate, automotive and professional service industries has become an invaluable asset for our clients.


Driving innovation and inspiring significant, positive change. 




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